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Future MGFIMs

From now on, we plan to hold an international event under the MGFIM label every second year. So the next one will be organised for the summer of 2021, then 2023 and so on.

Although there are some ideas as to where these events shall take place, we are always open to your ideas! So if you would like to join us in our efforts to have an attractive international event running for the European MGF and TF family, please contact us on info[at]mgfim[dot]org. You may write in your native language as well, we are an international group.

Some prerequisitions should be considered, though:

For some experience, you should have organised a regional or national event before, possibly in the range of 15 to 25 cars attending. Also, you should be aware of any road legislation issues in your country regarding the set up of a motoring event on public roads. If we come to terms on holding the event in your area, we will provide you with a handout of things to do and a timing, when these have to be done. Please allow a lead time of at least nine months before the actual event.

We will then handle the international public relations in the relevant forums, club magazines and so on. The whole registration process will also be organised by the MGFIM team in the future, so nothing to worry about on your side.

What will be left to the local organisers is to plan the routes, possible sites to visit and places to stay and eat.

Just come along and join us!

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