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About MG Friends In Motion

MGFIM – a term that may require explanation for many here. For 13 years now, meetings for post-Abingdon MGs have been held under this acronym. Primarily MGF and TF are represented, but anything that has come off the assembly line in Longbridge over the past 40 years is warmly invited.

It all started in 2009 in De Eemhof in the Netherlands as the “MGF International Meeting”. An informal gathering, cars and people arriving from various countries to enjoy an exciting weekend driving along scenic routes.





After the 2011 event in Germany, the original team dissolved and in 2013 a new group of people gave the MGFIM idea another boost. MGFIM now became MG Friends in Motion.

And that's exactly what it's all about here: meeting old and new friends and driving our little sports cars through beautiful areas to interesting destinations. 



Add to this the international character of the event series: a small team scattered all over Europe takes over the coordination and the work in the background, while a local club or group of friends organizes the route planning and the scouting for interesting destinations en route. This way, it is always possible to experience and get to know countries all over Europe.

Since the MGFIM restart in Bingen, Germany (2013), we have visited Essex in England (2015), Aalst in Belgium (2017), Normandy in France (2019) and Skåne in Sweden (2022). In 2024, we are now heading to the Czech Republic.




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