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MGFIM ’15 Essex England

We are keeping the spririt alive! As promised after the event in Germany in 2013, there will be a successive meeting every other year. On the weekend 15 to 17 May 2015, the 4th MGFIM was set all around the beautiful countryside of Englands County of Essex.


After hopping on to an existing event in 2013, this time the whole weekend had been organised specially to suit the expectations and the necessities of a large international meeting. The MGF Register of the MG Car Club UK had taken over the duties of the local organising team. A big thank you goes to the organisers for the vast amount of work that goes into this.

The event was mainly organised by Adrian (l) and Andy (r, aka Scarlet Fever), two very experienced enthusiasts, with a reputation that has been going on for about as long as the MGF/TF has been in production. The international liaisons will be maintained by the MGFIM group (which Adrian is part of), securing a competent international contact is available under all circumstances. 

Our thanks also go to all the others involved in planning and organising the event.



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